Victoria Point’s own flying doctor (Literally!)

Victoria Point’s own flying doctor (Literally!)

Your doctor may have past times that surprise you! Dr Tucker has a passion for flying, and is a gliding instructor during the weekend. Gliding is relatively cheap, for aviation, and great fun. Give it a go! Or at least watch this clip of Dr Tucker taking to the skies.

Pilots need a medical clearance to ensure they are fit enough to fly and carry passengers. Professional pilots know all about this as they are under the direction of the Civil Aviation Society Authority. There are various types of licence depending on what type of flying you plan to do. As a DAME (designated aviation medical examiner) Dr Tucker can do all types of medicals for you. For more information have a look at our associated website thebrisbaneavmedcentre.com. The aviation medical is very thorough and can be adapted for all types of employment medicals, so, if you are an employer have a look at the website too.

You can book in for appointments at Victoria Point Surgery at https://www.victoriapointsurgery.com.au/gp/# 

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