Teenage Health

Adolescent is characterised by rapid change in a young person’s physical (puberty), psychological (development of an independent identity) and cognitive (abstract thought, emotional changes peer influence ect). Adolescence is a significant developmental milestone and often a GP can help both the adolescent and their family through the changes and challenges that arise. The majority of adolescent health problems are psychological as a result of health risk behaviours and environmental risk factors. Behaviours developed in adolescence often continue into chronic health problems in adulthood for example smoking, dietary habits, alcohol use.

A number of doctors at the surgery are passionate about helping adolescence and their families during this time frame to prevent this stage of life having a negative impact on the adolescence in the future. Puberty also brings significant physical change to a young persons body. Weight, changes and skin breakouts are often associated with puberty. The doctors at our surgery are able to suggest treatments and topical creams that can make the adjustment to adolescence easier for patients. Our partner clinic Bayside Cosmetic Clinic have some fantastic treatments to assist in the management of acne and skin conditions also.

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