Mental Health Care

The doctors at Victoria Point Surgery are trained to identify patients suffering from mental health concerns. Early detection, and treatment will lead to a more positive outcome for patients in almost all cases. Mental health concerns can include (but are not exclusive to) depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, eating disorders and addiction. It is important to seek help from your GP if you think you could be living with a mental illness. Addressing mental health issues is not always about medications, usually multiple factors need to be addressed in several different ways. This is what holistic health is all about.

Doctors at Victoria Point service can get you in touch with the right professionals to help you with your condition long term, and you may even be eligible for a Medicare mental health care plan – giving you access to free or discounted psychological services. Victoria Point Surgery also has the services of great psychologists Marchiene Van Der Veen and Mohammad Khayrolomoor.

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