Dr Willett your (lap) band manager!

Dr Willett your (lap) band manager!

Dr Bruce Willett has a special interest in lap band management, stemming from his own personal experience and his professional interest in weight management. Dr Willett  is highly experienced in the medical management of lap bands, lap band adjustments, and the proper use of lap bands.

Dr Willett believes “that if used correctly and to there full potential lap bands are a fantastic tool to aid weight loss, that can be highly successful”. Dr Willett not only performs band adjustments but can provide dietary advice to maximise the success of your lap band. Dr Willett says “success with a lap band is all about getting the adjustment right, and your head in the right place”.

Although Dr Willett does not usually take on new patients, he recognises that there is a health care service gap in relation to the amount of experienced doctors available to assist lap band patients. As a result Dr Willett is willing to see new patients in regards to lap band. Patient visits for lap band adjustments are bulk billed. If you would like to make an appointment to visit Dr Willett regarding lap band management, adjustment or advice simply phone 07 3207 8222 and let our reception staff know that your appointment is in relation to lap band.

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