What can you be doing for your bone health?

What can you be doing for your bone health?

A lot of people associate dairy intake with good bones, but did you know the type of exercise you do can have a major effect on your bones as well?
Regular weight bearing exercise (at least three times a week) can strengthen and maintain your bones, which is important for people of all ages. This lowers the risk of falls as you get older, as well as reducing the risk of developing osteoporosis and fractures in the future.
Weight bearing exercise involves using your body weight to strengthen your bones and muscles. Exercise that involves jogging, brisk hill walking, stair climbing and dancing are great for bone health. Non-weight bearing exercise like swimming and cycling is great for your overall fitness, but won’t actually help to strengthen your bones.
A variety of different physical activity is good to maintain your health, fitness and bone health. The Osteoporosis Australia website has lots of helpful information about the specific types of exercise that can be helpful for strengthening your bones if you’d like more information.
It’s also important to keep an eye on your bone health with a bone density scan, if you have risk factors for osteoporosis or are older than 70 years old. Have a chat to your doctor about this if you’re interested to learn more.

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